What’s your video about?

Choose the closest theme for your video. Eg: if your video is about customer interviews, choose a testimonial video. If you video is about a case study, choose Case study. Easy right?

What will your video have?

Choose the treatment styles for your videos. Don’t worry these are just for our discussion, we can change the these later.

Who is the target audience?

Understanding your intended target audience helps us to better define the nature and the tone of your message.

Where would you publish your video?

This helps us understand the number of versions, size of videos, usage rights, etc. Eg: A video for broadcast purpose is likely to cost you more than for digital platforms.

Is this an urgent requirement or do we have some time?

Just want to know how soon do you need it? Urgent videos might attract a special rush-fee.

That’s all about the video. Now about you.

Tell us a bit about you and also help us understand the project better by writing your thoughts in the last question.


Aaaand we are done!

Thank you for taking the time to finish up. A member of our team will get in touch with you soon.

  • 1Purpose
  • 2Treatment style
  • 3Target Audience
  • 4Distribution channels
  • 5Timelines
  • 6About you