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Unyque is an online platform aimed at solving the challenges faced by marketers as well as creators. We pride ourselves in building a global network of the best creators for making live-motion and animated videos.

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Highly Talented.

UNYQUE is building a global network of the BEST creators for making live-motion & animated videos. See a role that fits you? Join the revolution.

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Why join Unyque?


We handle the client, you focus on creativity

We are the only ones talking to the client. From understanding the project brief to in-progress updates to the never-ending ‘small tweaks’, we will do all the talking so you focus on what you are best at.


We mean business. Not leads.

When you get an invite, it’s not a lead we are asking you to pitch, but it’s a confirmed job at hand for you to pick! We only share projects that are ready for execution saving you from soul-killing project pitches.


We pay you. No more payment follow-ups with clients?

You are going to get paid irrespective of the client payment to us. You will never have to follow-up or wait for payments again.


Crystal clear project briefs. Let’s kill ambiguity.

Emails kill creativity. We share our briefs as a video helping you understand what the client desires. Our briefs are simple in nature and specific to your role. We soak in the client brief and sharpen it in a manner best understood by you. Only clarity. No ambiguity.


Work with the best brands

While membership is free, not everyone who signs up gets enrolled with us. It is this exclusivity that helps us attract some of the top brands and bring you the opportunity to work with them.


Unyque is part-crowd sourcing part-production company. Unlike a marketplace, clients and creators don’t work directly with each other. Clients and creators work closely with Unyque’s Video Production Specialists who bring both the synergies together.
Yes, for a limited time. But money is not we are after. Not everyone who registers gets to be a part of Unyque. Only 2 out 10 creators get through.
We’ve devised a rate card for each of the roles. And each creator is paid post successful completion of the job. Not when the clients pay. We take care of you at all times.
Once Unyque actions a brief received from a client, it sends out job invites to creators whom it deems fit for the job. As a creator, you have the choice to accept or skip a job. The job gets assigned for you to action. We take care of everything else.

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